• Whitening fresh toothpaste with lemon Sparkle Lemon Soda - TV001784

Whitening fresh toothpaste with lemon Sparkle Lemon Soda - TV001784

  • Brand: Thailand
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  • Vendor code: TV001784
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200.00 THB

Toothpaste with lemon extract double action – whitening and fresh breath from the American brand, Sparkle, produced in Thailand.
Paste Sparkle Lemon Soda gently whitens teeth, removing Tartar and plaque from coffee and tea, strengthens tooth enamel and freshens breath for a long time leaving a pleasant citrus scent.
Whitening toothpaste double action lemon Sparkle includes:
- Mikrochastitsy of silicon dioxide (White Silica Micro) – brightening the tone of the teeth, this gentle whitening and polishing of enamel, plaque removal on teeth and Tartar buildup without scratching the enamel;
- Nano vitamin C and coenzyme Q10 for healthy gums, the prevention and treatment of periodontitis;
- Lemon extract – fresh breath and light lemon aroma for long time;
Calcium – strengthening of tooth enamel;
- Xylitol – the restoration of the mineral composition of teeth.

100 gr.

Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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