• Thai bears for weight loss Mega Strong from Yanhee Hospital - TV002323

Thai bears for weight loss Mega Strong from Yanhee Hospital - TV002323

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Thai Bears - Mega Strong course for weight loss from Yanhee Hospital, a complete set for 28 days.
Thai Bears are tablets from the Thai Yanhee State Hospital, a unique weight management program.
This Mega Strong course is recommended by a doctor from the Yanhee clinic for weight loss to minus 20 - 25 kg and is designed for 28 days of taking pills.
The kit includes 2 types of sachets with tablets of different colors - these are 9 green sachets (Day, that is, for daytime intake) and 9 red sachets (Night, for taking at bedtime).
In total, for a course of 28 days, a total of 504 tablets.
How to use tablets Thai bears for weight loss from Yanhee Mega Strong hospital course:
Pills from green bags should be taken 10 minutes before lunch, that is, we take 9 multi-colored tablets before lunch
Pills from red sachets should be taken 10 minutes before bedtime, that is, we take 9 multi-colored pills before bedtime
In total, you need to take 18 different tablets per day - 9 pieces at lunch and 9 pieces at night.
We sell only the course prescribed by the doctor of the Yanhee Thai Hospital, only the original pills, only directly from the Yanhee clinic in Bangkok, and not through intermediaries.
Important information:
We ship only original pills prescribed by a doctor from Yanhee Hospital in Bangkok.
Thai bears have many contraindications for admission, including diabetes, heart disease, blood vessels, liver and kidney disease, hypertension, age under 18, pregnancy, breastfeeding, old age.
We recommend that you consult your doctor before taking it if you have even minor health problems.
When taking Thai Bears tablets, there can be unpleasant side effects, such as insomnia, nausea, dry mouth, heart palpitations, decreased appetite, weakness, irritability. It is highly recommended to drink more water, avoid sleep deprivation and excessive exercise.
During the course of weight loss Thai bears should not take alcohol, coffee, energy drinks, it is not recommended to combine it with other medicines (especially with antibiotics).
If during the reception your health worsened, alarming symptoms appeared, side effects intensified - stop taking Thai bears!
It is very important to strictly follow the instructions for taking, not to overdose, not to skip taking the pills.

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