Placement of your articles on the site

Placement of your articles on the site

Where to begin?

 You can write and post on our website an interesting story from your life, instructive experience, a news or scientific article, a business article, an advertising article about your company and more. Your article may contain unique content or not unique, given that you indicate the source.

I published an article, but it was deleted. Why?

 We delete posts that contain profanity, insults people and companies, calls for violence, and we also delete comments with spam.

How to format an article.

 You should attract attention with your article, but not distort information. You need to make a competent heading containing specifics. You need to interest the target audience. You also need to show the target audience why to read your article. All this will give a guaranteed result of the fact that it is your article that the interested person will read.

For instance:

How we economically went on vacation

10 ways to get a man's attention

Pregnancy after 40 years, for or against

How to clean old coins: detailed instructions

How to lose weight quickly by the summer - practical tips

How to correctly create a resume and successfully find a job

Important! The title should not contain a link.

The size of the article should be no more than 3500 characters.

Your article is also allowed to post an image The maximum image size is 50 KB. The photo must be of high quality.

When searching for images, check the rights to use (you can use the search tools on Google and explicitly indicate that you only need images under Creative Commons) or take photos from legal sources, or use your own photos.

The introduction to the article is no less important than the title. It should interest the reader to continue reading the article. Therefore, do not make the beginning of the article in the introduction. Especially if you have a protracted one - you tell the background for a long time. This reduces the effect of the title you already wrote well. The entry should be informative. It should continue the work of the headline - to clarify the target audience, so that the reader understands why it is worth reading your article.

Do not make the introduction big - 2-3 sentences are enough. The introduction allows you to write what you did not write about in the headline.

For instance:

How I promoted my blog and achieved results

I tell you honestly how I independently promoted my website on the Internet at low cost. My experience and pitfalls.

In your article, you can specify links (1-2 links are allowed), it is important that they are convenient and understandable.

The text to which you link the link should be informative.

Do not put the link in full URL - especially if it contains Cyrillic characters. It doesn’t look too pretty.

Check your text for spelling and punctuality.

After checking your article by the site moderator, further information will be sent to your e-mail.

Note! A non-advertising article without links will be placed on our website for free, if the text of your article is openly advertising and contains links (1-2 links are allowed), then this article must be paid by you, after which we will post it on the site.  

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