The peculiarity of online shopping in Turkey is that:

  • most Turkish online stores accept only Turkish credit cards;
  • Turkish online stores do not send goods outside of Turkey.

We will help you purchase clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories, jeans and jeans, underwear and home clothes (pajamas, bathrobes, slippers), sporting goods (clothes and shoes), home textiles (bedding, towels, terry robes) and much more in one or more online stores in Turkey. And most importantly: we will help you save on shipping by combining for free purchases from various online stores in Turkey in one package, which will be very profitable and convenient for you!



Select the online store of Turkey in the CATALOG OF TURKISH STORES   Just click on the logo of the store. In the online store you like, select a model of clothing, shoes, accessories.

Almost all Turkish online stores operate in Turkish, so you can use the translator by right-clicking on the page and translating the page into the language you need

Fill in the downloaded order form, and send it to the mail: thaivoyage2013@gmail.com.

After processing your order, we will issue you an invoice that will indicate the total purchase price, our commission, as well as the cost of shipping your purchase across Turkey from the warehouse of the online store to our warehouse.

When you pay the bill, choosing the convenient PAYMENT METHOD  we will redeem your order. Your purchases will be delivered to our warehouse within 3-5 business days (each store has its own delivery time). Please note that closed sales sites can deliver goods within 1-2 weeks, consider this when ordering.

After delivery of your order from the store, our warehouse processes the receipt of the order, weighs the order as it was delivered from the store, and then we inform you by e-mail of the cost of delivery of the order to your country and its weight. After you pay the shipping cost, we will send you the package. We inform the package number about the package after sending the package.

We do not have a minimum order amount. You can order for any amount, any quantity of goods.


Our commission is 10% of the order amount, but not less than 10 Turkish liras (at the rate in any of your currency) from one order.

If your order is less than 100 lire (at the exchange rate in any of your currencies), then the commission is fixed 10 lira. If the order is more than 100 lire (at the exchange rate in any of your currencies), then the commission is 10% of the order amount.

What does one order mean? One buyback for us is one order. If your order contains several purchases from different online stores (boutiques on a closed sale, if the sale does not have a common basket or, according to the conditions of the sales site, the order is placed separately from a particular boutique), then these are different orders. If you have several orders within one day from one store, then for us these are different orders. Thus, one order is a one-time order from one store (a boutique at a closed sale).

Example 1

     I buy in the morning at a store for 90 lire (At the rate in any of your currencies), and then after 2 hours another 80 lire (At the rate in any of your currencies). How is the commission calculated?

- These are different orders, so you will pay an intermediary commission of 10 lira per each.

Example 2 

     I buy at one time from different online stores: from 110 Waikiki to Lira (At the rate in any of your currencies), from a closed sale of 50 Lira (At the rate of any of your currencies) and from the Nursache website for 800 liras (At the rate of any of your currency). How is the commission calculated?

- These are different orders: the commission for the Waikiki store will be 11 lire (at the rate in any of your currencies), for closed sales - 10 lire (at the rate in any of your currencies), for the Nursache shop - 80 lire (at the rate in any of your currencies) .

We work on 100% prepayment. We begin to redeem your order after receipt of payment for the order.

Choose the desired currency.

· On our site You can choose the following currencies: THB, USD, AUD, CAD, SGD, EUR, RUR, KZT to the header.

Next, You:

· Choose your favorite product from the range store. Press the"Buy" and the item appears in your basket.

If a product has a choice of range, open the product card, where You will need to select the range of products:

· You select a range of products, such as the amount, color, size, etc.;

· Put the amount You need and press "Buy".

So You can do all your favorite products. They are automatically added to Your order and displayed in the shopping cart.

When You are done shopping:

· You go to the cart;

· Check all selected items, add or remove products, increase or decrease the order quantity of the same kind.

· Click on the button "CHECKOUT".

· Enter the coupon number if You have it.

· Click "FORWARD".

The next step in the ordering process You will need:

· Select the type of buyer an individual or COMPANY;

· Carefully fill in all below fields, click "FORWARD".

· Choose the desired shipping method and click "NEXT".

Then choose an appropriate payment method, please tick: I have read and agree to the terms of the Agreement, click on the "next"button.

And move on to the final part of checkout where they check the correctness of Your data.

If something is incorrect or You decide to change something, at this point You can return by pressing the "BACK" button and correct the information or to change the way of delivery and payment. If everything is correct, click on the "ORDER CONFIRMATION".

When You went to the order confirmation back to go back already impossible, as all Your data will be lost and the basket will be empty. And You have to reassemble the items in the basket and re-order.

By clicking on the "ORDER CONFIRMATION" You go to pay for the booking in the chosen system, after successful payment of Your order, You will receive a letter about the payment and the status of Your order.

    The main currency of our store is the Thai baht, so the value of all goods and shipping are quoted in baht. On our website You can choose and buy for You the currency you want to pay for your order. The price in other currencies is constantly updated depending on the current exchange rate against the Thai baht.

On the day of sending the order, a tracking number (individual parcel number) will be sent to your mail to track the location of the parcel.

Example of parcel number:

RR123456789TH (for packages up to 2 kg) - Please note that these parcels are determined on the website of the recipient country after about 3-4 weeks! Track such small parcels from the moment of departure it is possible on a site of mail of Thailand or on a site of the international Russian-speaking tracker.
CP035256789TH (for parcels exceeding 2 kg sent by land or airmail).
EE077956789TH (for parcels sent by express airmail EMS - delivery to the door)

You can send your package to HERE.

It is a prerequisite of our Internet site to your order are not lost and you have the right information. When you are logged in, you will be able to know the status of your order, order history, ordered products. Your account is password protected. It is inaccessible to third parties.

Yes, of course. To do this, write us in the feedback form what product You need and in what quantity.


If you want to make a purchase, but have not found your country in the shipping countries, LET US KNOW about this and we will add your country.

Online store Thai Voyage delivers goods to the following countries:

     Thailand (free delivery), Laos, Cambodia, New Zealand, Finland, Luxembourg, Ireland, Iceland, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, Mexico, Canada, India, Bangladesh, Maldives, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, South Africa, United States of America, United Kingdom, Ghana, Uganda, Zambia, Mozambique, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Brunei Darussalam, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Singapore , Philippines, Pakistan, Taiwan, Turkey, Korea, Bulgaria, Albania, Poland, Italy Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Latvia, Norway, Denmark, Spain, France, Estonia, Latvia, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Hungary, Cyprus, Slovakia, Slovenia, Australia, Netherlands For more information, see the page "Payment and delivery".

At the post office You should take down notes about the damage. Take photos of the parcel and its contents. Damage during shipping, our Internet site does not compensate. To resolve the issue with Your local post office, You should contact our support, we will send a copy of the tracking number of your parcel.

  If you could not receive your package because of the incorrect data (Name, name, address of delivery) or for other reasons and your parcel returned to the postal address of the Internet shop "Thai voyage". You need to write to us, we will send you a form. Then you will need to fill it out and send it to E-mail ThaiVoyage2013@gmail.com. At the time of the return of your parcel to our address, you will be billed for re-delivery, after payment, which your parcel will be sent to the address specified in the application.

  If the weight of the parcel according to Your order exceeds the maximum weight to ship to Your country, then You need to split the order and place multiple orders or order a transportation logistics company.

All issues related to customs clearance in Your country, you decide for yourself. Customs fees and duties You produce yourself tariff of the customs authorities of Your country.


 All products featured in the catalog of our online store, have Thai certificates. Many of the products have an additional international certificate of GMP. 
The shelf life of products is usually 1-2 years and is listed on the label by the manufacturer. 
Often on Thai goods, you can see what is the expiration date on the chronology adopted in Thailand.
For example, 2014 is the year 2557 in Thailand (forward 543 years).
Certificates for our products you can see HERE


Since the software for computers on our website is distributed only by e-mail or in digital communications, the prices are low, there are no delivery fees, copyright fees, customs tax, special consumption tax and additional fees. There is not the slightest concern about the quality of the product.

The program you purchased and the license key for its activation are delivered to your specified E-mail within 24 hours after its payment.


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