Promotions and discounts in the online store "Thai Voyage"

We are delighted to continually create different promotions and discounts for you. Discount coupons, bonuses, certificates, gifts, prizes, raffles, lotteries, and more in the holidays and beyond. All the best for our customers! Have time to follow the terms and conditions of our discounts and promotions!


Gifts    Dear our buyer! Get a gift for your order! Share the product from our website on your social network page and receive a gift to your order! (When ordering, write us where the link is located)




Share 5 products of our store on your pages on social networks and send us links, we will send you a special code via email 5% discount on purchases. When ordering, you need to enter this code. Thus, making a purchase, regardless of the amount of the order, you get a discount of 5%. The validity of this discount is not limited in time.
If you lost this code, just contact us and we will send it again.



When buying in the amount of 5000 baht, we are ready to give a discount of 10%


When buying in the amount of 15000 baht, we are ready to give a discount of 15%
Dear customers!
Individual discount is possible for certain groups of goods. If you want to buy one item of a product in large quantities, we are ready to provide a good discount depending on the quantity of the product. In order to find out more about the discount we can provide for you, please email us - product name and quantity. We will calculate a discount for you and inform you.

For these discounts Contact us.


All discounts are valid only for the goods. On delivery of discounts do not apply.
Discounts are not cumulative, only one code can be used when you make a reservation!

 I do not know what to give to friends and family? Get Gift Certificate Online Store "Thai Voyage" at any desired amount ranging from 200 baht (for in any other currency exchange rate). Certificate designed for single use.

If you exceed the amount of the certificate purchase price balance of the covered additional platyazhom.
When the amount of the purchase is less than specified in the certificate, the difference in the amount of burns and the subsequent purchase is not tolerated.
Have time to order products at a discount! The discount may expire the next day!
If you have any questions, please contact through an online consultant or through the feedback and we will be happy to respond to you personally.
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