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2017-02-17 23:56:50

Tatyana (n. New ...)
« I received for the second parcel. Very cool online shop. The goods are very happy !!! ..»

2017-02-07 04:35:06

Catherine (Barnaul)
« Good day! Got your package 2.02.17 Everything came in safe and sound:) Thank you for your conscie..»

2017-02-05 01:22:29


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Thanyaporn company manufactures herbal teas and medicinal capsules. With drugs Thanyaporn you can improve your health. Reduce cholesterol in the blood, raise potency, lose weight, improve brain function and intestines, rejuvenate the body, cure women's diseases, prevent cancer, calm the nervous system, to overcome the stress. Internet-shop "Thai Voyage" offers affordable prices and Thanyaporn products directly from the manufacturer.

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Capsules Bitter Cucumber Thanyaporn (general tonic) - TV000322
7.32USD 5.49USD
Capsules Boraped (cold treatment) - TV000411
Capsules Cat's Whisker Thanyaporn (against rheumatism, diabetes and kidney stones) - TV000324
5.19USD 3.97USD
Capsules Fah Talai Jone Thanyaporn from a cold and asthma - TV000410
5.19USD 3.97USD
Capsules for memory enhancement Ginkgo Biloba Thanyaporn - TV000413
5.49USD 4.58USD
Capsules for potency Butea Superba Thanyaporn - TV000240
8.85USD 7.02USD
Capsules for weight loss Black Pepper, Prick Thai Dum Thanyaporn - TV000409
6.10USD 4.58USD
Capsules Hanuman Prasarnkay Thanyaporn (treatment of cough) - TV000331
7.32USD 5.49USD
Capsules Hematinic, Cassia Siamea Thanyaporn (treatment of insomnia) - TV000323
7.32USD 5.19USD
Capsules Jiao Gu Lan (elimination of toxins and rejuvenation) - TV000414
9.46USD 7.93USD
Capsules Ka Min Chan (treatment of stomach) - TV000326
5.19USD 4.27USD
Capsules Kaminkur, Haam Thanyaporn (treatment of diabetes) - TV000417
Capsules Kan Plu Thanyaporn (treatment of stomach) - TV000329
Capsules Kra Chai Thanyaporn (general tonic) - TV000328
Capsules Lingzhi Thanyaporn (fortifying agent) - TV000412
7.32USD 5.49USD