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Liane (Offenha...)
« Thank you for the fast delivery. The letter arrived here on 09.01.2018. ..»

2018-01-13 10:57:24

Геннадий (Якутск)
« Добрый день! Получил от вас посылку, большое спасибо. Все в целости и сохранности. ..»

2018-01-10 04:59:15



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A stuffed crocodile - TV000688
The original exotic gift for family and friends! The crocodile will not only decorate the interior, but also to please you. Length - 44-52 cm. ..
A stuffed crocodile - TV000689
The original exotic gift for family and friends! The crocodile will not only decorate the interior, but also to please you. The height of 25-30 cm. ..
Aloe gel cream for face with coconut oil and collagen Beauty Star - TV000962
Anti-aging cream for suspenders and elastic skin with collagen, coconut oil, vitamin E, extracts of turmeric and grape seed, aloe vera gel is created from natural, finest ingredients, pure collagen and essential ingredients in herbs and plants. Nourishes the skin components to help cope with the ..
Aloe Vera Gel Vitara - TV000118
Easy and gentle gel Vitara 99.5% consists of Aloe Vera juice. It is a real salvation for skin damaged by sunburn. The gel is quickly absorbed without any residue. Refreshes and soothes damaged skin, moisturizes, nourishes and makes it soft. The gel can also be used for oily skin with anti-acne or..
Analgesic brindle patch - TV000138
Plaster with tiger balm in the range:   - RED (warming); - GREEN (cooling);   Indications for use:   - Intramuscular pain of various sorts (exercise neuralgic character, nerve entrapment, hypothermia, etc.); - Muscle fatigue; - Back pain, low bac..
Anesthetic warming cream Muay Thai  - TV000145
Catching up on sports, athletes, no matter how they were preparing, periodically get bruises, sprains, injuries. The resulting injury swelling and pain are the result of destruction of small blood vessels, tissue hypoxia and increased capillary permeability. This worsens blood circulation and reg..
Anti-aging brightening face cream with mulberry Isme - TV001011
Famous Thai firm Isme has released a cream with multiple action: it not only moisturizes and nourishes the skin and fights hyperpigmentation. In South-East Asia, where summer active sun all year round, the problem of darkening of the skin is very serious: clean, bright, shining face – the ultimat..
Anti-aging face cream Banna - TV001098
Great anti-aging face cream Banna in the range: - Snake Moisturizing Cream: lifting cream with snake venom and the effect of Botox. - Birds Nest Cream: firming cream with extract of swallow nests. Gold Cream: Golden lifting anti-wrinkle cream. - Firming Snail Cream: snail cream. ..
Anti-aging serum for face Cobra Syn-Ake - TV000341
Serum with extract of snake venom causes the muscles go numb as well as through the bite of a poisonous snake. As a result, wrinkles at the site of exposure to straighten and disappear. Serum component that provides such action - is Syn-Ake. Syn-Ake - a synthetic tripeptide that mimics the ef..
11.99USD 11.66USD
Anti-cellulite cream with chili oil and green tea Flouresh - TV000338
Firming cream for the thighs and buttocks - a great way to get rid of fat excess, skin care and moisturizing thighs. The cream stimulates the regeneration of cells, easily removing the top layer of dead and dead skin cells. This cream will relieve you from the "orange peel". The cream is simp..
Anti-cellulite massage cream with extract of Chile La Bourse - TV000277
Firming anti-cellulite cream with extracts of hot pepper of Chile, Edelweiss and ginseng root. Incredibly powerful combination of these plants has a truly stunning effect, the result of which will impress after a few applications. Hot pepper not only a supplier of vitamin C, but it contai..
Antiviral herbal tea Andrographis Paniculata Thanyaporn - TV000752
The main component of herbal tea is Andrographis paniculata. Tea has immune-boosting, antipyretic activity. It is used to ease cough and sore throat, prevention of colds and viral infections.  Tea is effective for SARS, acute respiratory infections, colds, coughs and sore throat. Antisep..
Aromatic essential oil - TV000274
Aromatization of premises - one of the most popular uses of essential oils. Thanks to the magnificent flavors creates a special mood and atmosphere. For flavoring the air is enough to get a simple aromatic lamp, air humidifier or aroma diffuser. Online shop "Thai Voyage" offers a rich col..
Aromatic Soap Tabu - TV001111
Aromatic Soap Tabu for men cleanses the skin and gives it a nice fresh scent. ..
Artificial finely porous pumice for legs and arms - TV001018
Porous artificial pumice for the feet and hands. The quantity of goods for Your choice: - 1 piece; - 1 packing (in the packing of 12 pieces). Take care of your feet and palms with fine pumice. One or two times a week make peeling, removing old dead skin on Your feet, on your heels, the pa..