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Crocodile blood capsules - TV002320

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Capsules based on crocodile blood is an antitumor, immunostimulating drug, which is also widely used to treat diabetes and to improve blood counts, increase hemoglobin and treat anemia from the Thai manufacturer Wynn.
The capsules are made using Siamese crocodile blood that has been pre-tested for bacteria and contamination, pasteurized, then deep frozen and then dried, which is rich in proteins, vitamins, iron and minerals, and also contains the insulin-like agent IGF1.
Crocodile blood in the form of capsules has many beneficial properties for the body, first of all, it is the ability to resist cancer and AIDS.
Crocodile blood capsules are used:
To improve immunity. The use of capsules based on crocodile blood will actively restore immunity, strengthen the body, and prevent the occurrence of allergic reactions.
The drug is widely used to treat cancer, especially if a course of radiation and chemotherapy is prescribed. Crocodile blood increases the level of hemoglobin in the patient's blood, restores normal platelet and red blood cell counts, which allows cancer patients to undergo a full course of radiation or chemotherapy that destroys blood cells.
For patients with diabetes, treatment with crocodile blood capsules is recommended. Crocodile blood contains the insulin-like agent IGF1, which lowers blood sugar levels, acting as a mini-injection of insulin for this disease.
Capsules based on crocodile blood are recommended to improve blood parameters - primarily with low levels of hemoglobin and platelets in the blood. Crocodile blood, unlike synthetic preparations containing iron, is well absorbed by the body, has no side effects and improves blood test data after taking capsules
Capsules of crocodile blood have proven themselves well in the treatment of AIDS. The preparation contains antibacterial and antifungal components, which helps the AIDS patient to resist various infections and fungal diseases, which generally prolongs the life of AIDS patients and HIV carriers.
For athletes. The drug helps to improve the blood supply to organs, more oxygen is delivered to the cells of the whole body, which helps to recover faster after physical exertion, less tired. Capsules based on crocodile blood are very popular as a tonic among Chinese athletes.
How to use crocodile blood capsules: 1-2 capsules a day, 30 minutes before meals.
1 capsule contains 250 mg of crocodile blood, 30 capsules per pack.

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