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The algorithm works with our shop:


• Please write to us which products you wish to purchase from our assortment, specify the article of the desired products and their quantity; 
• We coordinate with You the wholesale price of the product and the shipping method;
• Then we bill You via and You pay it within 3 days. If You are not able to pay the bill for 3 days, then it is removed;
• After payment is received, we form and send Your order via post office of Thailand (for small and medium wholesale) or through the transport company of Thailand, which makes the delivery and customs clearance of goods (with average and large wholesale).
   Our company is ready to consider Your offers on cooperation.

    If You need the goods which do not exist in our store, please contact us and we will provide You with information about a particular product.


      We are ready to offer exclusive wholesale supplies and low prices for the products of our store. All products are sourced directly from manufacturers, in this regard, we can offer You high quality goods at low prices. We ship parcels from Thailand in two ways, namely:
• Parcels weighing from 10 kg and more (depending on the maximum weight allowable for carriage of the recipient country) are delivered through the post office of Thailand. If the parcel exceeds the allowable weight through the postal service of Thailand, it can be divided into multiple addresses. This type of delivery is suitable for retail and wholesale purchases.
• Orders that exceed the weight allowed for transportation in Your country, can be sent via the transport company of Thailand. That publication is suitable for medium to large wholesale sales.
To see the entire list of products available in our store, click HERE.
   To send medium and large quantities of products from leather of exotic animals (except for products made of Stingray leather), a permit is required to export this category of products from Thailand. The term of preparation of documents required by from manufacturer is about 2-3 weeks.
The shipment takes place every week. When the courier open the box and inspect for the integrity of the goods.
We always welcome new business partners!
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