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Detoxification patches Kinoki - TV000847
There are Asian saying that aging starts with the feet. East medicine believes that the day toxins accumulate in the lower part of the body, leading to arthritis and rheumatism.   Kinoki detox patches Kinnock - the easiest way to cleanse the body of toxins! It is a powerful and effec..
Japanese peeling socks - TV000863
Japanese peeling socks for foot care legs. Many women with a daily walking the feet ogrubevayut formed corns, spurs, corns. These wonderful socks will bring your feet in order. Your feet will be soft and gentle as a baby. Socks improve elasticity and firmness of the skin due to the renovation..
The mask film for oily skin Shiseido - TV000942
Mask based on marine algae and mud for oily skin is Shiseido. The quantity of goods for Your choice: - 1 pcs (15 gr. mask); - 1 packing (in the packing of 20 pieces of masks). Purifying mask based on sea mud and seaweed extract to reduce and cleanse pores, eliminate acne, inflammation on ..
Cream Serum for the face with a squalene Snowgirl - TV001438
Japanese cream serum Squalane Serum Cream with a very high-quality medical staff for intensive hydration, nutrition and skin care from the Japanese cosmetic brand Snowgirl.   This cream is a cross between a cream and serum, still closer by their lightness and healing properti..