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Japanese peeling socks for foot care Foot

Manufacturer: Japan
Product code: 3573-01
Vendor code: TV000863
Availability: Not available
Price: 5.46USD
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Japanese peeling socks for foot care legs.
Many women with a daily walking the feet ogrubevayut formed corns, spurs, corns. These wonderful socks will bring your feet in order. Your feet will be soft and gentle as a baby. Socks improve elasticity and firmness of the skin due to the renovation of the skin and remove dead cells of the dermis. You will walk with ease, less tired when walking. Your legs will be perfectly smooth, and your life will change for the better!
Completely remove coarse calluses on your heels, cuticles and dead rough skin!
Enzymes contain milk extract, lactic acid protease.
• Wash feet (soaking in hot water will increase the effectiveness of the procedure);
• Wipe the feet;
• Wear socks (recommended top peeling socks to wear regular socks for better fixation);
• Do not remove the socks for 1-2 hours, you can sit or lie down, but do not walk;
• You may experience a tingling sensation or sensation of heat, which means that the socks are working;
• Stop the procedure if you feel uncomfortable burning sensation;
• At the end of time, remove the socks and feet, rinse with water.
Corns, calluses, rough skin will begin to peel off for 3-7 days after the procedure.
When you notice that the skin on the feet start to peel off before going to bed every day to make the bath with warm water feet.
Try not to apply a moisturizing cream or lotion on your legs, as this can interfere with the skin to peel off effectively.
For best results, repeat the procedure after 20-30 days.
Do not use the peeling-socks more often than 1 time per month, as well as the presence of wound or crack!
The multiples of 2 pairs of socks in the 2 treatments.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 4

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