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Vaginal Manjakani herbal balls for women.
Number of items to choose from:
- 1 piece (in a jar of 10 pieces of balls);
- 1 packing (in the packing 12 cans).
Every woman should eventually lure her man more and more. Externally, it can be done with makeup, skin rejuvenation, regular exercise, but internal changes - a natural phenomenon. The vagina loses its former elasticity. Can I somehow resist it?
Our online store Thai Voyage gives a positive answer to this question! Vaginal Manjakani herbal balls will help any woman, wife, mother to reach unprecedented effect. Their composition entirely from natural ingredients: wild bamboo charcoal and Pueraria Mirifica (plant for the rejuvenation of the body).
What properties have intimate beads for women?
1. Vaginal muscles constrict.
2. The tone of the vagina increases.
3. The elasticity is restored, as in "virgin" years.
4. excitability occurs much faster, and not only the woman but also the man of the thoughts themselves.
5. During sexual intercourse, you will learn about new sensations, because Your muscles will become more sensitive.
6. The duration of vaginal orgasm increases. Now the man to find the G-spot becomes easy.
7. Balls are antibacterial, so help deal with unfriendly flora, women's diseases (thrush, inflammation).
8. Has a positive effect in cervical erosion.
9. Reduce pain during the menstrual cycle.
10. Women who give birth to two or more children, they know more than anyone else about the loss of the vaginal tone. But the balls help even in such situations, and any mother of many children is starting to feel the most loved and desired in the world special.
If you want to get a memorable effect of vaginal herbal balls Manjakani, within 24 hours after application, it is not necessary to wash and to enter into intimacy. The effect of narrowing the vaginal tone ( "virgin" effect) lasts for 48 hours.
If you regularly use the bulbs, you see persistent changes after a month of use.
How to use: insert the 1 ball in the vagina to a depth of 3 to 5 cm Do this once a week.. This procedure is usually done at night, the day before the alleged sexual intercourse. The lowest rate - 10 balls.
You can insert the balls:
1. Before the critical days, if you know exactly what is not pregnant, and after them.
2. During the period of lactation, but not earlier than 3 months after the baby is born.
3. parts. Divide the tablet for a few small particles, then you can narrow down your vagina for the next short period of time.
If you have discomfort occur (eg, burning), you should take a break every 2 weeks, or used for parts.
Do not insert beads at:
1. Pregnancy.
2. In the first 3 months after childbirth.
3. During the critical days.
4. Acute inflammation of the urogenital system.
5. Individual intolerance.
All balls the size of 5-6 mm.
Buy herbal vaginal Manjakani balls can we, in the online store Thai Voyage. Regular application will help make you and your man even happier!

Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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