• Anti-cellulite cream with warming effect Pannamas - TV000861

Anti-cellulite cream with warming effect Pannamas - TV000861

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Cellulite Pannamas cream with green tea extract, chilli oil and extracts of noni, with a warming effect, provides a comprehensive impact on the problem areas of the body, actively fights cellulite, improves skin tone, making it thick and resilient, while at the same time intensively moisturizing and softening .
Warming cream effect is achieved by the action of chili peppers. Scientists have found that capsaicin contained in chili, which determines the degree of pungency of pepper, resists the growth of adipose tissue cells. When excess fat cells chilli dries excess moisture, dissolves fat, respectively, decreases body weight, excessive amounts of leave.
Thanks to active components of current cream Pannamas Firming Hot Cream process of reducing fat tissue occurs as follows: stimulates skin cells locally activated microcirculation, improves skin tone, the figure becomes slimmer.
Acting on the problem areas of the skin, the cream actively fights cellulite, eliminating the characteristic bumps on the skin. Proteins and vitamins that make up the cream, nourish the skin. Under the influence of the cream ingredients moistened skin becomes soft, smooth and "tightened".
Application: The cream is applied to clean, dry or slightly damp skin. Circular massaging movements from the bottom up to rub the cream into problem areas for 3-5 minutes until completely absorbed into the skin. For best results, use before sports training. The cream is easily absorbed and does not require rinsing.
320 gr.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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