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What unites such countries as Thailand, China, the Caucasus? It Goji berries, without which the people of these countries are not just your diet. And we, Shop Thai Voyage, directly from Thailand, we suggest you get those magic berries. Why magic?
The scientists are so interested in them that they find more healing properties. The most popular and proven properties such berries are:
1. The tide of vitality. This is not just placebo is believable. The nutrients that are found in berries, helps the body cope with any damaging effects.
2. Improve gastrointestinal system, therefore - accelerated metabolism of the body's waste products out, as well as substances that lead to zhiroobrazovaniya, do not linger. As a result, many people use these berries as a weight loss drug.
3. Germany - a mineral that is found in berries. Studies have shown that eating Goji cancer can be prevented, since it is this component prevents gene mutations in the organism that may lead to cancer.
4. Average content of cholesterol in the body. Here it is working beta sirosterol that helps arteries to function smoothly without any obstacles.
5. Increased libido in both women and men. Goji tone the body, raising blood levels of testosterone. And so, people want to love each other, as in his youth.
6. If you suffer from insomnia, the Goji berry can help you with this problem. They make you more balanced, calm, and your sleep becomes stronger.
7. If your eyes are often tired because of insufficiently good working conditions, or due to excessive low-light conditions, the Goji helps your eyes relax after hours. As a result - your eyes will not feel very tired, the picture may become clearer.
And the list is not finished yet!
Use them as you can in a dry form, and boiled fruit drinks (tea) of them. Many cooks use them as spices or additives to dishes. Use a day from 15 to 45 grams of goji berries, and health problems will no longer bother you.
Once, it would be desirable to all, and some groups of people, these medicinal berries can not be used: high blood pressure (for people with a regular low pressure), pregnant women and mothers during breast-feeding, severe allergies.
Buy Goji berries can be here in the online shop Thai Voyage. This effect you did not get from any of the drug!
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