• Korean Ginseng Tea Gae Poong - TV002332

Korean Ginseng Tea Gae Poong - TV002332

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Korean ginseng granulated tea bags are a great alternative to morning coffee due to their strong tonic effect.
And unlike coffee, the invigorating effect of ginseng tea is very mild, the tonic effect comes on gradually, without causing heart palpitations and overstimulation.
Ginseng tea will eliminate lethargy, drowsiness and fatigue, help get rid of depression, the whole body is stimulated, interest in life, in particular, in its sexual side, increases.
Ginseng is the king among herbal aphrodisiacs, not losing its glory for 5 thousand years. Almost all Asians consider ginseng a strong remedy for pleasure. Indian sources say that ginseng endows both the old man and the young man with "the strength of a bull."
Tea with Korean ginseng in granules is taken for:
prolonged mental and physical fatigue,
to increase the body's resistance to stressful situations and adverse environmental influences,
to improve well-being after illnesses and operations,
to increase efficiency and concentration,
in the absence of sexual desire due to stress, overwork, hormonal imbalance. Ginseng will be useful for both men and women.
Pack of 100 sachets, 3 g of red ginseng root extract granules in each sachet.

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