• Green tea with flavor coffee - TV001831

Green tea with flavor coffee - TV001831

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The benefits of green tea has been proven in ancient times. Green tea has been used by different peoples as a remedy against many ailments. Nowadays, modern scientists confirm the beneficial properties of green tea, as well as reveal new opportunities for its favorable impact on our body.Useful qualities of green tea are explained by the presence of various chemicals. The composition of tea there are more than 500 elements (calcium, magnesium, fluorine, phosphorus, etc.), about 450 species of organic compounds (fats, proteins and others) and almost all groups of vitamins. Caffeine is the main alkaloid of green tea, through which our body gets a burst of energy and a portion of cheerfulness. But in green tea the caffeine in its pure form is not present, here it is called theine. Tein is softer than pure caffeine, it stimulates mental and physical activity of the person improves its performance, improves mood. Green tea can perhaps be attributed to the unique products. A wide range of useful properties in this direct proof. Green tea is an effective diaphoretic. It is recommended to drink at an elevated temperature, fever, various inflammations. By sweating, the body will leave the toxins and germs that poison it. Green tea is especially useful for people suffering from diseases of the kidneys and urinary system. Green tea is good for the gastrointestinal tract and digestion in General. Use it positively affects the duodenum, gall bladder, liver and pancreas. Green tea is not in vain is a traditional drink of Asian people. For example, in the customs of many peoples of Central Asia is indispensable drinking green tea before eating. They believe that this technique is useful for intestinal microflora. Green tea has other useful properties. It is able to increase alertness and improve memory, it can cheer up and get rid of the sleepiness, it normalizes metabolism in the body and strengthens the nervous system, helps to get out of depression. The beneficial effects of green tea extends to the cardiovascular system: useful properties of green tea reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, improve the elasticity of arteries, prevent the formation of cholesterol plaques, improve the strength of capillaries, reduces the permeability of blood vessel walls and is better absorbed ascorbic acid. By pronounced anti-inflammatory effect of green tea to take care of the oral cavity, reducing the likelihood of tooth decay and gum disease. Green tea is good for pregnant women and, of course, in moderation. Green tea is a great friend and helper for those who wants to lose weight.

Green tea with the aroma of coffee from Thailand will invigorate and lift your spirits for the whole day!

80 gr.

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