• Thai Tiger Balm - TV000134

Thai Tiger Balm - TV000134

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Tiger balm from Thailand relieves and soothes muscle pain, relaxes and refreshes your body muscles.
It is used not only athletes, but also ordinary people. In its structure there is nothing artificial, but natural herbs. Imperceptibly penetrates into the skin and cope with the disease in a jiffy! It is very effective in pain, sciatica, sore throat, flu, fatigue, neurosis.
Tiger Balm - a great tool for the treatment of a variety of diseases. Its composition is simple, and the healing effect is unique. One of the best local analgesics contains a combination of ingredients, allowing to relieve pain and muscle aches. It does not contain animal products and are not tested on animals. Tiger Balm has a healing power through cleverly chosen combination of camphor, mint, kayaputa, clove and menthol, that is, products of precisely those plants that are known for their effective impact against hypersensitivity, which increase blood flow and pain gently. It is used to relieve pain, swelling and inflammation in the joints, pain management with lumbago, sciatica, gout. When fractures helps to quickly merging bones. It is used to relieve muscle pain (with bumps, sprains, over-voltage, etc..), For muscle training (heats) in sports. It helps resorption of hematomas. Balm perfectly removes irritation from insect bites. It is used for cold inhalation and massage. When coughing is pounded back and chest. Balsam can even facilitate the attack of heartburn, if they rub his chest. If applied to the stomach, relieves abdominal pain, helps with indigestion. This ointment helps with numbness of body parts, or paralysis of the limbs.
WHITE BALM: has a cooling effect.
Camphor - Camphor (25.0%);
Menthol - Menthol (8.0%);
Eucalyptus oil - Eucalyptus oil (13.7%);
Clove oil - Clove oil (1.43%).
RED BALM: has a powerful warming effect, which eases pain and relieves aching muscles.
Camphor - Camphor (25.0%);
Menthol - Menthol (10.0%);
Cajuput oil - Oil kayaputa (7.0%);
Dementholised mint oil - Peppermint oil (6.0%);
Clove oil - Clove oil (5.0%);
Cassia oil - cassia oil (5.0%);
Paraffin and Petrolatum - Paraffin and Vaseline.
Indications for use:
- Intramuscular pain during exercise,
 - With muscle tension,
- Neuralgia,
- Rheumatism,
- Osteochondrosis,
- Arthritis,
- headache,
- Stuffy nose,
- Insect bites,
- Itching body itching,
- Flatulence, bloating,
- Fatigue in the feet,
- Sprain,
- For warming up muscles before exercise, massage.
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