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Therapeutic Bio Beauty Comfort pads on the basis of medicinal herbs provide a feeling of freshness and comfort, prevent the development of inflammatory diseases, help to restore microflora. Gaskets are based on traditional methods of preserving health by using natural herbs extracts. Therapeutic pads will leave you feeling fresh and comfortable. Gynecologists recommend laying the data as a preventive agent for diseases of the female reproductive organs. The top layer of 100% cotton is impregnated with a unique set of herbs.
Chronic white discharge (leukorrhea), unpleasant odor, allergies and irritation, itching, bacteria, inflammation - frequent satellites when using conventional gaskets. Statistics show that with conventional gaskets:
- 89% of women suffer from vaginal discharge;
- 65% feel the itch;
- 25% have inflammation;
- 10% experience pain and discomfort;
- In 40% of cases the reason for this - the bacteria that live in the vagina.
Beauty Comfort pads with natural herbs are made exclusively from natural ingredients and give a feeling of comfort, confidence and security. Protect from occurrence of irritation, perfectly absorb all the isolation and do not leave marks on clothes even during heavy menstruation or during sleep. Absorb and retain odors, gives a feeling of cleanliness and freshness.
Reasons why you should use Beauty Comfort pads with natural herbs:
- Reduce pain and discomfort during menstruation;
- Reduce extraneous vaginal discharge;
- Help with irregular cycle;
- Relieve back pain during menstruation;
- Eliminate the itching of the vagina;
- Destroy harmful bacteria from the urethra;
- Struggle with the unpleasant smell;
- Remove polyps in the rectum to heal cracks and kill harmful micro-organisms;
- Restore the normal state of the genitals after using low-quality gaskets;
- Not contain synthetic chemical additives, dyes and perfumes;
- Only natural components;
- Absolutely safe to use and have no side effects;
- Absorb 2-3 times more efficient than conventional gaskets;
- Protected against leakage;
- Normalize the ph-balance of the skin and mucous membrane of the external genitalia;
- Improve the local blood circulation, relieve swelling in the genital area, eliminating stagnation;
- Contribute to the preservation of good results after treatment of gynecological diseases;
- Facilitate painful sensations;
- Reduce menopausal symptoms;
- Increase the sensitivity of microorganisms to antibiotics;
- Increase the tone of the pelvic floor muscles;
- Evoke a sense of comfort and freshness.
These gaskets are certified and approved by the Thailand Association of Gynaecologists of Thailand, recommended for daily use.
In our online store "Thai Voyage" therapeutic bio Beauty Comfort pads are available in three versions:
- Day care for normal discharge (normal flow) (24,5 cm) - in a blue pack of 10 pieces;
- Night for heavy discharge (heavy flow) (30 cm) - in a pink package of 10 pieces;
- Daily (pantiliner) (16 cm) - in a green pack of 20 pieces.
Contraindications: pregnancy, idiosyncrasy components.
Packing Quantity (pcs) Daytime pads - 10 pieces; Night pads - 10 pieces; Daily pads - 20 pieces.

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