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Pills slimming and recovery of muscle tissue Yanhee (L-Carnitine tablets)

Manufacturer: Thailand
Product code: 4393-01
Vendor code: TV001579
Availability: Are available
Price: 8.75USD
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Yanhee Slimming tablets contain L-carnitine, are stepping up the process of burning fat, promote the processing of fat into energy, destroying the existing and prevent new fat deposits. Yanhee Tablets are struggling with cellulite, stimulate the power of the heart muscle, lower cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, fight fatigue and increase efficiency.
The drug provides sustained weight loss from the first day of application. The growing dynamics of weight loss is maintained throughout consumption and lasts for months. Subsequent control power ensures long preservation of the result.
L-carnitine company Yanhee - it sports a drug aimed at the rapid recovery of muscle tissue after intense workouts and accelerate fat metabolism in the body.
L-carnitine - an amino acid, a related group of vitamins B, which is synthesized in the body. L-carnitine has anabolic, anti-hypoxic effect and stimulates the regenerative activity of tissues, improves appetite and activates the fat metabolism. Thai capsules contribute to the normalization of metabolic processes that maintain the activity of coenzyme A. L-carnitine slows down the decay of protein and carbohydrate compounds, by stimulating fat metabolism. The drug also increases the enzymatic activity of gastric juice and intestinal secretory activity and stimulates digestive glands.
In sports L-carnitine reduces the degree of lactic acidosis, reduces fat cells in skeletal muscle and helps to normalize body weight.
Has expressed neurotrophic effect, it accelerates the regeneration of nerve tissue.
Indications for use:
- To increase endurance and efficiency during exercise, as well as a more rapid increase in muscle mass (for athletes);
- To improve exercise capacity (in patients with heart disease);
- To slow down brain aging, improve memory and concentration (elderly patients);
- Premature babies and children in the period of active growth normalization underweight and normal development of the skeletal muscles;
- L-carnitine is recommended for vegetarians to replenish the deficit levocarnitine (L-carnitine), as well as patients with decreased appetite and physical exhaustion. The drug can also be administered in the combined treatment (as an adjuvant) various liver diseases, pancreas, endocrine and cardiovascular systems.
Application: 1 tablet in the morning half an hour after lunch.
For those involved in sport: 1-3 tablets once before training.
For those who have a body mass greatly exceeds the average value: increase the daily dose by 1.5-2 times.
The course of 1 month. Repeated reception recommended a month.
According to the rules of the dose of L-carnitine duration of administration determined by the attending physician or sports, given the evidence and the general condition of the patient.
The drug is recommended to take courses following the advice of a doctor. It is not advisable for a long (more than 6 months) continuous use levocarnitine.
Before using the product, consult your doctor.
Contraindications: L-carnitine is not indicated for patients with individual intolerance to the product components. Do not take L-carnitine during pregnancy and lactation.
The pack of 30 tablets.
Composition of the product L-carnitine 500 mg.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 30 tablets

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