• Professional cream for weight loss and body shaping Gold Shape - TV001140

Professional cream for weight loss and body shaping Gold Shape - TV001140

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This Thai slimming cream is a hit on the internet! Most commonly it is used in the performance of a professional massage in a variety of SPA-salons. High efficiency is already confirmed by the fact that it was included in the famous Guinness Book of Records! You will be amazed at the results after using the cream for figure correction. Just a month decreases body fat, so that leaves the belly sagged, adjusted waist and hips, fade wrinkles on the abdomen. The manufacturer guarantees a decrease in waist circumference from five to ten centimeters! With a view to the best effect it is recommended after applying the product to rub it in problem areas active massage movements. Usually, massage takes about an hour. Consumption will directly depend on the size of the application area. Already after the first application you will be able to see what will take up to seven centimeters in volume. If you want to achieve the best effect - is necessary to pass a course of massage with an interval of 3-4 days between sessions. After smearing the cream can not take a shower for at least three hours. It should be noted that it is not recommended to use Thai slimming cream simultaneously in several areas of the body - this can significantly reduce the effect, it is best to first go through a session on one - two areas of concern, and then on the other, subject to availability of course. In the course of applying the cream to lose weight, you may notice a significant decrease in appetite. As contraindications to the use of funds are the pregnancy, breast feeding, age less than 17 years, severe kidney disease, or heart, menstruation days. Do not apply to areas previously undergone surgery. The Thai-voyage You can also purchase a cream for home care from Gold Shape our online store. This tool will help to consolidate the results obtained with professional cream for figure correction.

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