• Capsules Andrographis Paniculata (fortifying agent) Khaolaor - TV001589

Capsules Andrographis Paniculata (fortifying agent) Khaolaor - TV001589

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  • Vendor code: TV001589
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240.00 THB
Studies have shown that Andrographis paniculata has respiratory and analgesic effect, it strengthens the immune system and helps the body fight the infection on their own.
The drug kills viruses, fungi and parasites, combats infection and gastric enteritis (intestinal inflammation) and with uncomplicated infection of the upper respiratory tract, has prophylactic properties in these diseases.
Andrographis paniculata has been helping people with weak immune systems, the elderly and people living with HIV as well as people recovering from a viral infection.
Clinical trials have shown that the plant Andrographis may help in the treatment of cancer, particularly leukemia, melanoma and colon cancer. It reduces symptoms such as cough, headache, pain in the ears and throat, sleep disturbance.
Capsules Andrographis paniculata cleanse the body of toxins after fat and junk food, protect the liver, stomach, and gall bladder.
The product has a GMP quality certificate.
Use: 1 capsule four times a day after meals.
The package of 60 capsules.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 60 capsules

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