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Genive - this is a known brand in Thailand, specializing in products that are designed to speed up hair growth and prevent hair loss.
Products of this brand is used in clinics for the treatment of problems such as hair loss. The first results are visible already after two weeks of regular use. The maximum effect is achieved after 5 months of use.
A unique tool to speed up hair growth! Effectively accelerates hair growth, making them long and thick. It stimulates the blood circulation around the hair follicles, whereby the hair grow faster and become much thicker.
Application tonic Genive will contribute to:
- The rapid growth of hair;
- The strengthening of the roots;
- Elimination of dandruff.
Application: rub a clean scalp massage 2 times a day, do not rinse.
120 ml.
Composition of the product Salicylic acid; Triclosan; Ethyl alcohol; Sodium PCA; Amino acid; Cereal mix extract; Fragrance.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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