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  • Bergamot Odinric shampoo for normal to fine hair - TV000072

Bergamot Odinric shampoo for normal to fine hair - TV000072

  • Brand: Odinric
  • Product Code: 2782-01
  • Vendor code: TV000072
  • Availability: In Stock
430 THB

Gently formulated Bergamot shampoo that helps reduce hair loss, strengthens the follicles. The formula of balanced pH is enriched with a combination of natural extracts, useful for hair and scalp, and without harmful chemicals, including silicones.
Suitable for normal to fine hair (with oily scalp).
The concentration of chemical components of the shampoo is reduced (compared to conventional, even children), so it is suitable for daily use without the risk of damage to the hair and scalp, does not leave any traces on them.
The shampoo has passed multiple tests, which have proven that it restores the skin's natural balance, prevents itching and activates the process of regeneration of the root cells. Delicate shampoo with bergamot normalizes the work of the subcutaneous glands and prevents the growth of bacteria, gently and carefully cares for the hair, strengthens them from the inside and gives a healthy Shine.
The shampoo is recommended to be used regularly to prevent and treat hair loss, remove dandruff and stop itching of the scalp. For best results, it is recommended to use the shampoo together with the lotion against hair loss.
Composition of the product Sodium lauryl ether sulfate; Ethylene glycol stearate; Ammonium lauryl ether sulfate; Protein fatty acid condensate; Protein fatty acid collagen condensate; Hydro/Alcohol solubilized sulphur; Preservative (Chlorhexidine); Acylales/Stearate-20 Methacylate copolymer; Perfume; Citric acid; Sodium carboxy methyl cellulose; Deionized water.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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