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Herbal shampoo for hair Sabunnga in the range:

- Aloe Vera and black sesame (for dry and damaged hair).

The juice of natural Aloe Vera in the shampoo Aloe Vera & Black Sesame Shampoo is the perfect biogenic stimulator that returns the natural strength and health of hair. Aloe Vera juice soothes and normalizes the PH balance of the scalp. Aloe extract gives hair elasticity and Shine. This tool is the ideal moisturizer for dry and damaged hair. Biological active components of Aloe Vera penetrate deep into the structure of the cells, filling them with moisture and holding it inside.

Aloe Vera helps to cope with increased hair loss, soothes itchy skin and prevents dandruff. With the restoring means with extract of Aloe Vera is easy to get rid of split ends and cure brittle hair.

Asian black sesame is one of the most favorite tools to maintain the beauty of the local residents. Raw sesame seeds are rich in calcium and amino acids of natural origin, as well as potassium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins. It is worth noting that in black sesame large amount of phytin, which regulates the mineral balance of the cells. Through the use of hair care products with black sesame, the hair is strong and elastic, full of vitality and health.

The black sesame oil effectively cleanses the hair from accumulated dirt and residues of the stratum corneum, stimulates cell regeneration, rejuvenating hair, protects from photoaging and ultraviolet radiation, normalizes the sebaceous glands, stimulates hair growth due to the presence of phyto-estrogen in the composition.

- Kaffir-lime and soap berry (for oily hair).

Herbal shampoo with an extract of Kaffir lime and soap berries for oily hair it is recommended to normalize the sebaceous glands of the scalp and a full deep pore cleansing. It is known that for oily type of hair roots become greasy and heavy for a short period of time, so the head must be washed frequently. But frequent washing is disturbed PH balance of the scalp and as a result, the situation with the condition of the hair is only getting worse.The genuine extract of leaves of Kaffir lime are able to regulate the sebaceous glands and normalize the microflora on the surface of the skin. Shampoo Kaffir Lime & Soapberry Shampoo soothes irritations and reduces inflammation, treats seborrhea and prevents the occurrence of dandruff. The normalization of microflora in the field of hair follicles contributes to their active life, strengthening and intensive growth. Vitamins Kaffir lime nourish the hair and give a glossy sheen and protects against the harmful effects of the environment.

The soap berry extract protects the hair from premature aging and fading, thus clear the surface of the hair efficiently, which allows for less shampooing. In the composition of the soap berry contain a natural biological softeners, due to which the hair becomes soft and shiny after washing. The uniqueness of the please refer to the fact that it does not violate the natural microflora, does not cause allergies and does not dry the scalp, normalizes the protective layer on the skin surface, protecting and enhancing curls.

- Anchan and sunflower (for normal hair).

Butterfly Pea shampoo & Sunflover Herbal Shampoo recommended for normal hair type. Thanks to the natural extract klitoria (plant, also known as anchan or butterfly pea shampoo helps to cure alopecia (excessive hair loss). Useful plant of anchan rich in iron and b vitamins, favorably affects the circulation of blood circulation in the scalp, enriching the hair follicles with oxygen and useful elements. Noted that the systematic application of Butterfly Pea & Sunflover Herbal Shampoo with extract of blue tea daily reduces hair loss by 80% during the month. Trace elements Anchan possess strong tonic properties and methods to stimulate the growth of new hair follicles. The hair becomes strong and dense. Noted that klitoria able to regulate the pigmentation of the hair, so they are recommended for blondes who want to get rid of yellow hair. Shampoo with essence of blue tea will help to keep a smooth gray color hair.

Oil organic sunflower shampoo Butterfly Pea & Sunflover Herbal Shampoo unrefined and therefore has a range of mineral acids and vitamins. This natural extract rich in unsaturated fatty acids omega 6 and omega 3, which surrounds the hair shaft biological shield, saving in the heat treatments and UV exposure. Because of these properties locks protected from premature aging and moisture loss. Vitamins A, D, E saturate the hair, give vitality and brightness. The sunflower seed oil moisturizes the scalp and hair, helping to cure a bundle of hair at the ends.

For best results, use shampoo in conjunction with conditioner Sabunnga.

250 ml.

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