• Mask for hair with extracts of papaya, honey and egg Palmy - TV001806

Mask for hair with extracts of papaya, honey and egg Palmy - TV001806

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Unique revitalizing and nourishing mask Palmy for bleached and blond hair based on natural pulp of a ripe Thai papaya, honey of wild bees and quail eggs, nourishes nourishing natural ingredients and natural vitamins. Palmy mask perfectly restores colored strands and damage the scaly layer of the hair structure. Strengthens the thinning hair and gives a light sheen. To achieve the full effect, it is recommended the systematic use of masks Palmy, both as a reductant and a comprehensive prevention.
Yellow hair mask Palmy equally good for both naturally light hair, and colored and bleached shade of blond.
Wonderful medical mask Palmy Organic Care does not contain parabens, sulfates, dyes and fragrances. Natural formula provides gentle and effective hair restoration and treatment of the scalp. You will notice the incredible effects from using the mask from the first times.
What positive effect expected from the use of masks Palmy?
- Enhanced nutrition roots. Hair is better supplied with micronutrients, and this is perfectly reflected in their health and visual appeal;
- Show a more active growth of new hair;
- Touch the hair becomes more silky, filled with power and less confused;
- Fast regeneration starts after coloring or chemical effects long term laying;
- Significantly improved appearance of hair.
Mask Palmy designed specifically for light hair, which in its structure is thinner than dark and bleached curls are often dry.
With regular use of wonderful masks Palmy for blondes, Your hair will become lush, beautiful, shiny and manageable. But staining and discoloration will no longer be able to hurt Your curls, because they will be protected.
Application: apply the mask evenly on clean, damp hair. To get the maximum effect from the use, it is recommended to leave the mask on hair for 20-30 minutes, covering your head with a towel. Then rinse with warm water.

250 ml.

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