• Natural coconut oil for hair and body Po Care - TV000155

Natural coconut oil for hair and body Po Care - TV000155

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Natural coconut oil is becoming increasingly popular in the CIS countries and the European Union. And in Thailand, or Cambodia, no girl can not do without this tool, here are a couple of centuries. The wide range of this product allows its use in several applications. Po Care Coconut oil is just something that will help you to achieve improvements in both directions.
Use of natural coconut oil to the hair.
1. You can apply it on the scalp before shampooing, hold for 10-15 minutes and wash off. After - your hair will become stronger structure - smooth, loss - is reduced.
2. You can put means for the entire length of hair before shampooing. Hold can be up to an hour. After this procedure, there is an incredible shine. In addition, the regular use of oil, you get rid of posechennyh tips.
3. You can apply the oil after shampooing, hold about 15-20 minutes. After thoroughly rinse with water. And then your hair will not be scared any thermal influence (drying, leveling utjuzhkom).
Use Po Care oil for improving skin condition of the whole body surface.
1. If you have a skin irritation (after epilation, reaction to synthetic materials), the coconut oil will soothe, and after several individual application you will notice results.
2. With small wrinkles (not only on the face, and the whole body), the oil will get rid of them.
3. Apply oil to tan, to get the "chocolate" effect, and after - to soothe the skin.
In order for your hair and body always look healthy, you need only to natural coconut oil Po Care, you can buy that from us, the online shop Thai Voyage.
Stay young!
165 ml.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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