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Regenerating and nourishing serum for the hair Banna in the range:
- Coconut hair serum Banna Coconut Hair Serum with natural coconut oil, intensely nourishes colored, damaged hair and scalp, restores its structure, strengthens and revitalizes. Protects hair from high temperatures, UV exposure and pollution. The serum protects the hair from excessive drying by the dryer, and reduces damage from styling tools. Removes electrostatic charge from the hair and prevents breakage, tangles and section the hair, smoothes split ends. Effectively strengthens hair roots and stimulates the growth of new hair. Also protects from dandruff.
- Regenerating and nourishing serum for hair Olive oil, Banna & Butterfly Pea Hair Serum is made from natural extract of Butterfly pea (Blue flower Anchan) and on a natural extract from olive oil first cold pressed.
Many fans of natural products know about the famous blue tea of Anan, which is rich in vitamins and very useful. Flower Klitoria (Anan) has a therapeutic effect not only when taken orally, but also externally. On the basis of papilionaceous peas made a huge amount of cosmetics and caring therapeutic agents.
Extract Klitoria rich nutrients that penetrate deep into the scalp and stimulate the growth of hair follicles. This Anchan cures hair loss, strengthening hair roots, nourishing them with minerals and vitamins.
Serum for hair Olive oil, Banna & Butterfly Pea Hair Serum significantly rejuvenates the hair shaft, stimulates the production of natural protein (keratin) that creates around each hair a protective barrier that neutralizes free radicals and prevents the destruction of the hair, preventing split ends. Hair becomes firmer and healthier.
Fatty acids virgin olive oil from the first pressing make the hair thick and alive. Eliminates itchy scalp and prevents dandruff.
Sparkling hair serum Olive oil, Banna & Butterfly Pea Hair Serum will give hair a glossy Shine, gloss and beauty. Using the serum will make you forget about the problem of tired and lifeless hair.
The tool saves the hair from drying and from harmful influence of external factors: chlorinated water, sun rays, harmful chemicals.Use the serum regularly and Your hair will become silky and healthy, acquire a beautiful Shine.
Application: apply the serum to clean damp hair. Distribute 2-3 drops of serum over the entire length of hair, focusing on ends. Do not rinse. Then dry with a hair dryer or allow to dry naturally.
60 ml.
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