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Sugaring for hair removal Boots (Expert Sugaring Hair Remover) (250 ml.)

Manufacturer: Boots
Product code: 3643-01
Vendor code: TV000933
Availability: Are available
Price: 15.40USD
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Sugaring Boots works quickly and efficiently, gently removes unwanted body hair. Sugaring is used without heating. It spreads easily on the skin and removes hair directly from the root. Tonic lotion with Aloe Vera helps to soothe and moisturize the skin. The result is a smooth and soft skin.
What's included:
- Sugaring – 250 ml;
- Toning lotion – 10 ml;
- Spatula – 1 piece;
- Fabric strips.
Carefully check the length of hair growth before applying shugaring. For most effective results, hair must be at least 5 mm long. The skin should be dry and clean. With a spatula spread a very thin layer of sugaring for hair removal in the direction of hair growth (from root to tip). Stick the fabric tape on the skin in the direction of the hair. Holding the skin taut with one hand, quickly tear the cloth strip back on itself in the opposite direction of hair growth. Do not leave on the skin for a long time. If the strip is drawn quickly and on the skin vnatyazhku, the hairs will be removed with minimal discomfort. After hair removal, wash the treated area with cold water. The strips can be washed and reused. After hair removal, apply toning lotion to the skin, it helps soothe and refresh the skin after the procedure.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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