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Gentle shower gel Shokubutsu Monogatari in the range:
- Ginkgo (Gingko). 
Ginkgo leaves are rich in antioxidants. Ginkgo biloba promotes regeneration of skin cells. Ginkgo stimulates blood circulation and maintains the balance of collagen in the skin. Shower gel with Ginkgo is suitable for dry, dull and irritated skin. Shower gel with Ginkgo has a very pleasant and delicate aroma.
- Oat milk and Shea butter (Oat Milk and Shea Butter).
A mixture of oat milk and Shea butter rich in vitamins A and E. the Gel with these natural extracts protects the skin from sun and environmental pollution. Gel with oat milk and Shea butter retains moisture in the surface layer of the skin. Perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the epidermis.
Intense aroma will help to Wake up early in the morning and cheerfulness.
Ideal for sensitive skin that requires extra care when bathing.
- Orange peel oil (Orange Peel Oil).
The value of the oil from the orange peel cannot be overemphasized. The famous fruit of Japan is grown on the island of Shikoku. Oil helps to remove dull dead skin cells, making the skin becomes radiant and fresh.
Secrets of nature: the Japanese have a tradition to take a hot bath with floating in her peels of oranges, it symbolizes the transition from summer to winter. In order to prepare the body, prevent colds, and relax your mind.
Shokubutsu in Japanese means "plant". This is a high quality product for skin care is made exclusively based on natural components, which enhances the natural beauty and health of the skin. Pure and natural shower gel Shokubutsu, its unique 99% cleansing ingredients from plants gently cleanse and nourish the skin.
The Shokubutsu shower gel foams well and has a pleasant aroma. Soft bubble foam easy to rinse. Plus, natural nutrients help protect the skin. 
- 100% pure ingredients gently cleanse, nourish and revive the skin.
- Suitable for all skin types.
- The abundant foam leaves the skin fresh, smooth and supple with a refreshing fragrance.
Usage: use the shower gel Shokubutsu like any other shower gel.
200 ml.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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