• The patches for weight loss "flat tummy" Mymi Wonder Patch - TV001107

The patches for weight loss "flat tummy" Mymi Wonder Patch - TV001107

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To your attention another Thai tool for weight loss, affects its high efficiency - patches "flat tummy". Now you can quickly lose weight and reduce waist 4-7 cm, while making little effort! However, to achieve this result you need to complete a full course for fifteen days. To do this you will need three packages patches slimming Mymi Wonder Patch 5 pcs. each. These wonderful patches help to not only lose weight but also get rid of the annoying cellulite.
The composition of the drug for weight loss includes only natural vegetable ingredients: orris root, mineral oil, and others. In addition, the unique formulation contains Sophoricoside - patented component that allows to get rid of body fat and thus lose weight. Caffeine is actively fighting the manifestations of "orange peel". Catechins well breaks down fat cells. Capsaicin - a derivative of hot peppers, speeds up metabolism, thereby preventing the accumulation takes place unnecessary fat in the body. The patches have the ingredients care for the skin to lose weight.
The patches for weight loss may be used within six months after cesarean section. Use them very easy - just stick the patch to the navel or other problematic area of ​​the body and worn during the day as much as possible. To do this, remove the middle part of the film and apply to the skin, then remove the other two and sticking plaster. After 8-24 hours of wearing withdraw. The patch for weight loss works best in combination with diet and exercise. In the evening, of course, do not eat food containing large amounts of carbohydrates and fruits. With the patch for weight loss you can sleep or wash in the shower. Now quickly lose weight and gain a flat tummy was real! Www.thai-voyage.com On our site you will find in addition to the patches a lot more healthy products. Here you can also pick up high-quality and original gift for any occasion!
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