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The recipe for Prickly Heat talc body from the company «Snake Brand», has been developed over 60 years ago.
Talc powder «Snake Brand» - an original refreshing, cooling and soothing the skin powder.
Effectively removes sweat, itching, rashes and irritation of the skin in hot weather.
Thais can not imagine my life without talc, and the most popular among them is talc is from «Snake Brand». Many Russians have already rated this product highly.
Talc is not only a long time keeps the skin dry armpits, feet and sensitive parts of the body, but also has a curative effect, eliminating irritation, rashes and itching.
Also Talcum powder can be used for a person - for the protection of oily and problem skin. In the heat of the facial skin begins to actively secrete oil, which together with the dust clog pores, causing the appearance of acne. In this situation, very helpful regular face washing antibacterial foam (or clearing tonic) and applying talcum powder. The skin stays dry for a long time, without losing moisture.
Refreshing talc - body powder in the range:
- «Classic» (Classic);
- "Rose» (Cool Pink);
- "Lavender» (Lavender);
- "The freshness of the ocean» (Ocean Fresh).
Talc «Snake Brand» has a pleasant fragrance of essential oils due to its composition.
Unique metal container keeps cool talc and fragrance persistent for a long time.
Application: Apply the required amount of powder and rub on the body. Suitable for use on all parts of the body, including the legs. You can use all family members every day.
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