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Body Lotion Sabai Arom in the range:
- Happy rice. Ingredients: extract of three different varieties of organic rice in the province of Surin in the ecologically clean area of ​​Thailand. This rice contains unique substances such as gamma oryzanol and orizakeramidy having unique antioxidant properties. Pure sesame oil (moisturizes the skin); extract of green beans; jasmine extract; peppermint extract.
- Divine mango. We all know how delicious mango fruit, but it is not the most important of its value. The mango contains large amounts of nutrients and unique enzymes that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. This unique combination of ingredients makes the skin supple, soft and delicate. In India, the mango is called "fruit of the gods", it symbolizes wealth and has an incredibly sweet taste. Cosmetologists company «Sabai Arom» inspired by this ancient Indian superstition, and created this body lotion. The basis of the unique formula, they put a special kind of mango that grows not only in India but also in the Thai province of Kanchanaburi. This variety of mango contains a large amount of Vitamin C and beta carotene, which will make your skin soft and young. Rich, natural flavor of this lotion creates the feeling that you were in paradise!
- Siamese blossoms. Fine aromas of flowers Ylang Ylang and campaka have a unique thin shade, they are used for centuries among the beauties of Siam, who are experts in cosmetics and fragrances.
- Jasmine ritual. It is well known - the skin look healthy, soft and shiny, it should be well hydrated. All women dream of their skin, but unfortunately it is not always in line with our wishes. We do not promise that this lotion will make your skin exactly as you want, but we promise that your skin is well protected and moisturized, and it is already halfway to perfection. Lotion on the basis of Jasmine body - it is well absorbed moisturizer that protects the skin from the harmful effects of the environment and will greatly increase the level of humidity. In addition, these typical Thai flavors (a mixture of fragrant jasmine and fragrant pandan) will lift your spirits. Try this easy, creamy body lotion based on a variety of extracts from tropical plants and rejoice just as comfortable and soft feeling your skin.
- Zesty star gooseberry. Thai gooseberries, carambola, passion fruit and amla (Indian gooseberry), have long been very popular among Thai women for its taste and anti-aging properties. These juicy fruits with a delicious rich flavor, contain high amounts of vitamin the C, and are considered a real delicacy in Thailand. To share with you all the nutritional properties of these tropical fruits, Thai cosmetologists made for you a delicious fruit cocktail, an incredibly useful for the skin.
- Rose de siam. This lotion is specifically designed for all skin types. It is made from extracts of rose, aloe vera and green tea, which are known for their amazing ability to nourish and smooth the skin. Rose extract has high antibacterial activity, it helps to eliminate the irritation and peeling of the skin and give it elasticity.
Application: rub the lotion into her hands, apply to clean skin.
200 ml.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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