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Cream-shower gel Sabai Arom (200 ml.)

Manufacturer: Sabai Arom
Product code: 2915-01
Vendor code: TV000205
Availability: Are available
Price: 15.35USD

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Cream shower gel Sabai Arom in the range:
- Divine mango. The mango contains large amounts of nutrients and unique enzymes that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. This unique combination of ingredients will make your skin supple, soft and delicate.
- Tangy delight. Sweet, captivating aroma of a reducing gel guaranteed to improve the mood for a shower. To achieve this effect, the experts of the company «Sabai Arom» added a little lime in this stunning cocktail of "happy" oils - made from the extracts of mandarin oranges and California. These citrus oils have a special place in Thai aromatherapy, they have the ability to clear the mind and lift the spirit, at the same time increasing the circulation of blood. We recommended to try this shower gel, and you feel that all the troubles and bad moods, "as the water washed away!"
- Siamese blossoms. Fine aromas of flowers Ylang Ylang and campaka have a unique thin shade, they are used for centuries among the beauties of Siam, who are experts in cosmetics and fragrances. Cream-gel combines the color of the oil and Ylang Ylang campaka and moisturizing properties of five tropical flower extracts. This combination will give you a wonderful feeling of lightness to the whole day.
- Siamese rose. This refreshing and invigorating shower gel with the scent of roses, made by special recipes. The extracts of rose, aloe vera and ginger, will give your skin softness, suppleness and elasticity, and the perfect combination of essential oils give the skin a natural moisture level and impregnate it with the necessary components. Believe me, there rose not only to admire them!
- Jasmine ritual. Thais believe that this tiny white flower has a relaxing and regenerating power aroma. In order to use its sensory advantages, our ancestors added jasmine flowers, when taking a bath and drinking water. Today therapists confirm the ancient beliefs that jasmine fragrance uplifting. Therefore, Thai Jasmine Estheticians added a little flavor to the extract pennywort, making the skin more elastic, and aloe vera, which has moisturizing properties, which locals use for many centuries to soothe tired and sensitive skin. Try this moisturizer, shower gel, which has a light aroma, and you'll feel great!
- Kaffir lime. With this exotic and intoxicating refreshing shower gel with lemon scent, literally, wash away the physical and internal fatigue and increase your energy reserve. It has a therapeutic rejuvenating properties of two Thai oil - Kaffrskogo Thai lime and grapefruit. For centuries Thai people have used kaffrsky lime in herbal compresses and saunas for its therapeutic ability to eliminate fatigue and restore energy. Sparkling fragrant citrus oil Thai Grapefruit is known to lift the mood and restoring force for its ability. Try this shower gel - and you will enjoy the sensations that you will experience. Gel prevents dry skin, improves its elasticity, awakens and fills the body with energy at the start of the day.
- Happy rice. Ingredients: extract of three different varieties of organic rice in the province of Surin in the ecologically clean area of ​​Thailand. This rice contains unique substances such as gamma oryzanol and orizakeramidy having unique antioxidant properties. Pure sesame oil (moisturizes the skin); extract of green beans; jasmine extract; peppermint extract.
- Zesty star gooseberry. This magnificent cocktail of fruit will give your skin a fresh and youthful. Carambola, passion fruit, amla, and Antillean gooseberries. They are all rich in vitamin C and antioxidants are natural. It has long enjoyed great popularity among the Thai beauties, for its anti-aging effect.
- Homegrown lemongrass. Cream moisturizes and protects skin.
Application: Apply a generous amount of gel to damp skin, massaging the skin of the body. Then rinse with water.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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