• Body cream for stretch marks and wrinkles with an extract of Ginkgo biloba K. Brothers - TV001108

Body cream for stretch marks and wrinkles with an extract of Ginkgo biloba K. Brothers - TV001108

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The cream is designed for the return of skin elasticity. Suitable for all skin types, including even the most sensitive.
The cream is ideal for skin repair after childbirth or weight loss, when the skin is much sag.
Restores the skin to its original state and a healthy appearance. It does not cause irritation and allergies.
Applying cream on a regular basis, you can see the following results:
• The skin becomes supple and taut;
• Stretch marks become less visible;
• Brown spots become lighter and eventually disappear altogether;
• The skin is protected from the external manifestations of the environment, the cream can be used as an after-sun cream.
Active ingredients:
Ginkgo biloba (Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract) - prevents premature aging and aging of skin, has a tonic effect and activates the peripheral circulation, contributes to saturate the tissues of life-giving moisture, reduces the permeability of the walls of capillaries, increasing their resistance, promotes blood microcirculation and thus improves skin appearance. It prevents the destruction of collagen. Lactic acid (Lactic Acid) - affects the regeneration and skin renewal, exfoliates dead skin cells. It has a purifying, regenerating, moisturizing and whitening effect. It normalizes slowing with age the process of updating the epidermal cells; It strengthens the skin synthesis of glycosaminoglycans and collagen. Promotes skin lipid barrier by increasing the synthesis of linoleate containing ceramides. The external manifestations of this process is to improve skin color, increased hydration, skin elasticity, reducing the depth of wrinkles. Lanolin oil (Lanolin Oil) - considered one of the most nutritious oils, and promotes deep moisturizing, softening and reliable skin protection against all kinds of adverse environmental effects. The unique moisturizing properties of lanolin oil due to its ability to absorb not only perfectly, but also hold a huge amount of water. Penetrating into the deepest layers of the skin, lanolin oil nourishes not only her life-giving moisture, but also helps to preserve it there for an unusually long time. Lanolin oil markedly strengthens the regeneration of new skin cells, restores its desired elasticity and captivating softness.
Pearl powder (Pearl Powder) - restores, nourishes and moisturizes the skin, has anti-allergic, anti-edema and anti-inflammatory effect, enriches the skin with essential nutrients. It protects the skin from harmful UV sunlight and regulates water balance.
Tocopherol (Vitamin E) - is one of many fat-soluble form of vitamin E, which is considered the main nutrient-antioxidant, and is widely known in medicine and cosmetology as the "vitamin of youth". Prevents dry skin, stimulates blood circulation and improves blood circulation, stimulates tissue regeneration, reduces vascular fragility and strengthens the walls of capillaries, stimulates tissue respiration, is directly involved in the formation of elastin and collagen fibers of the intercellular substance, prevents age-related pigmentation, plays one of the main roles in protein synthesis, promotes rapid absorption of vitamin A and protects it and other fat-soluble vitamins from the ravages of oxygen slows down the formation of free radicals and lipid oxidation, significantly improves the condition of nails and hair.
Application: before you start using the cream, clean the skin.
Cream is used locally. Spread a small amount of cream on problem areas and massage until it is completely absorbed. Apply daily morning and evening, immediately after the shower.
For best effect, you need to use the cream for 3-4 months. Cream tidies the skin on the abdomen, breasts, arms, legs, it tightens the skin in the armpits and neck.
80 gr.
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