• Cream stretch mark Finale - TV000893

Cream stretch mark Finale - TV000893

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Cream to eliminate stretch marks on the skin Finale reduces stretch marks and fade scars. Stretch marks are purple-red striped scars that appear on stretched skin. It is believed that stretch marks occur from the damaged structure of collagen and elastin in the area which is growing rapidly. Pregnant women develop stretch marks, usually in the third trimester. Some pregnant women also appear on their Breasts, buttocks and thighs. Another common cause of stretch marks is rapid weight gain or weight loss. 
Cream to eliminate stretch marks on the skin Finale contains natural ingredients that are known to help remove stretch marks and heal the skin. The cream prevents the appearance of new stretch marks, tones and strengthens the skin.
Application: liberally apply cream to the areas with stretch marks after a bath or shower. Massage in a circular motion in an upward direction. For best results, use regularly early in pregnancy, no stretch marks appeared. Continue to act until at least two months after birth.
50 gr.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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