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Natural Crystal Deodorant Body Grace

Manufacturer: Thailand
Product code: 2843-01
Vendor code: TV000133
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Price: 1.53USD

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The first herbal manufacturer in Grace Thailand. Deodorant is a translucent stone (crystal), impregnated with extracts. It does not contain in its structure any chemicals. Consumption of deodorant is very economical: a single crystal will be enough for at least a year with daily use. Freshness and comfort provided to you for the whole day!
- Deodorant friendly because it does not contain any chemical additives;
- The only deodorant that is approved for use in pregnant and lactating women;
- Leaves no residue on clothes, because its composition does not include oil;
- Do not clog pores, which does not prevent the normal functioning of sweat glands;
- It is an effective means of odor due to its absorbent properties;
- Does not contain alcohol, does not cause allergies and irritation;
- Can be used after shaving, to be applied to the feet, from insect bites;
- Natural Deodorant is suitable not only for women but also for men, because it has no pronounced flavor.
- Do not interrupt the smell of perfume.
Natural deodorant from Thailand in the range:
- Green Crystal (Green) - ALOE VERA (softens the skin);
- Orange Crystal (Orange) - TURMERIC (eliminates the pigmentation of the skin);
- Mangostin Crystal (Pink) - MANGOSTEEN (smooths the skin, prevents clogging of pores);
- Blue Crystal (Blue) - CLASSIC (with no additives and flavor);
- The Coconut (White) - COCONUT (hydrates skin).
Application: Apply deodorant after a shower is recommended to clean skin. Before use, moisten the crystal and use it just like an ordinary deodorant. In the evening, better wash off the protective film, created in order to skin a rest at night.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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