• Whitening toothpaste Diamond Attraction - TV 001 526

Whitening toothpaste Diamond Attraction - TV 001 526

  • Brand: Thailand
  • Product Code: 4340-01
  • Vendor code: TV001526
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120.00 THB
Stunning snow-white smile - it's the most beautiful thing is man!
New Thai toothpaste "Diamond Attraction" by Close Up is the most advanced whitening system available today. Exclusive technology blue color means that after the first cleaning blue particles cover the teeth, creating an optical effect and the teeth become whiter. Whitening toothpaste "Diamond Attraction" also contains silica, which when used regularly, removes plaque and calculus on the teeth.
Toothpaste "Diamond Attraction" can be used for children after 6 years in a small amount.
50 gr.
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