• Thai round toothpaste «Charcoal powder and clove» - TV001612

Thai round toothpaste «Charcoal powder and clove» - TV001612

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  • Vendor code: TV001612
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36.00 THB
Round Thai organic toothpaste containing a part of bamboo charcoal, menthol, clove oil, borneol, mint, salt and panthenol, very effectively whitens teeth and removes plaque.
The peculiarity of the coal Thai toothpaste - this is an extreme black, by a member of the bamboo charcoal, toothpaste cleans teeth very well, coal literally absorbs all dirt and freshens breath.
Coal toothpaste relieves inflammation of the gums, strengthens the gums, reduces the sensitivity of tooth enamel and perfectly refreshes the mouth.
Application: remove the sealed jar, completely free from its protective film, then with a dry toothbrush do some stroking circular motions on the surface of the paste so that the villi in the toothbrush formed a small plaque. This small amount is sufficient to perfectly clean and protect teeth. The great advantage of the Thai toothpaste Mango is its efficiency. One jar of toothpaste is enough for 2-3 months of regular use. Do not allow water in a jar with pasta. Do not forget to close the jar after each use.
25 gr.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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