• Thai whitening toothpaste Prim Perfect - TV001757

Thai whitening toothpaste Prim Perfect - TV001757

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Toothpastes on a natural basis from Thailand now available in convenient for Europeans format. New toothpaste formula for 24 hour protection Prim Perfect with the addition of borneol provides highly effective protection of the mouth throughout the day and is available in tubes for more efficient and comfortable application.
The fight against bacterial bloom, darkening of the tooth enamel, bleeding gums has never been so effective. Thanks to its innovative formula effectiveness of natural components constructed to a superlative degree, to provide a gentle care for the health of the oral cavity. And no chemically aggressive components guarantees comfort, in the process of cleaning the teeth, even those who frequently experience problems in choosing a suitable toothpaste.
Among the members of toothpaste with a new formula components it is possible to find only time-tested and proven and effective ingredients. Refresh and deodorize the oral cavity promotes the oil of cloves. Menthol and camphor cool and contribute to the normalization of blood circulation, speeding tissue regeneration. Sage acts as a natural soothing and decongestant. While calcium carbonate gently cleans the surface of teeth.
Due to the absence in the composition of fragrances, flavorings and sweeteners are artificial, manufacturers of pasta managed to make it accessible to the wide applications. And polishing components contained here ensure tooth enamel healthy Shine without Stripping its natural protective coating, which is especially important to ensure their reliable preventive protection against the formation of caries.

50 gr.

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