• Concentrated herbal toothpaste Yim Siam - TV001756

Concentrated herbal toothpaste Yim Siam - TV001756

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Herbal toothpaste with streblus Yim Siam embodies all the benefits of natural means to care for the oral cavity. Included in its composition of natural ingredients in its effectiveness is not inferior to the most popular chemical compounds, providing a gentle effect on tooth enamel and the surface of the gums. And economical use of paste makes the purchase very profitable — even for a large family or people who are forced to resort to the most careful carrying out hygienic procedures in connection with sensitive teeth.
Due to the presence in the composition of the extract of the plant known as streblus, toothpaste concentrate, preserves the ancient traditions of Thai traditional medicine, demonstrating a high efficiency without harming the enamel. This component is also considered a natural antiseptic, and in combination with menthol and clove oil its effectiveness increases many times, leaving bacterial plaque and pathogenic microflora slightest chance to spoil pure and fresh breath unpleasant aromas. Sage extract in the composition is responsible for reducing inflammation and healing of small wounds in the oral cavity. And camphor, part of the paste, provides prolonged preservation of freshness during the day.
White smile and well-being — these are the elements that give us confidence. And toothpaste concentrate You finally can afford to smile as often as you want. Because the hygienic cleanliness of the teeth and oral cavity will be under the protection of the natural components and coffee, tea and even Smoking can not leave a noticeable trace on the surface of tooth enamel.

50 gr.

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