• Detox patches for the feet Gold Princess - TV000864

Detox patches for the feet Gold Princess - TV000864

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  • Product Code: 3574-01
  • Vendor code: TV000864
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150.00 THB
Detoxification patch will provide a good cleaning of the body without any effort and discomfort during your sleep, eliminate swelling and stagnation of fluid in the tissues, improve sleep, completely cleanse the body, normalizes the lymphatic system, improve health, skin condition, reduce allergic reactions.
Detox patches contain a part of the bamboo vinegar, colloidal gold and plant extract Houttuynia heart-shaped for effective cleansing of the lymphatic system of accumulated toxins.
Application: patches are glued to the dry clean skin of the feet before going to bed on the side where there is no inscription. In the morning, waking up rested and cheerful, you can see blackened from toxins patches that worked all night, cleaning the lymphatic system and pulling slags. In the morning the patches are removed.
The package contains 10 patches.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 10

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