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Healing Foot Cream against cracking with coenzyme Q10 Yoko Cracked Heel Q10 Cream (50 gr.)

Manufacturer: Yoko
Product code: 3590-01
Vendor code: TV000880
Availability: Are available
Price: 3.93USD
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Natural for Yoko foot cream combines coconut oil, honey and natural extracts that will help to revive and rejuvenate even the driest skin and make heels soft and smooth.
A peppermint oil will bring freshness and relax tired feet.
Moisturizer cposobstvuet intensive regeneration of skin cells, heals cracks and scratches, removes inflammation, softens the horny skin layers; Aloe Vera relieves pain and fatigue.
Active ingredients: honey, coconut oil, peppermint oil, green tea extract, calendula extract and coenzyme Q10.
Application: Apply the cream 1-2 on clean and dry skin twice a day. Use the cream daily for best results.
With regular use of rough and dry skin becomes soft and smooth.
Composition of the product Water – Вода; Urea – Мочевина; Glycerin – Глицерин; Isopropyl myristate – Изопропилмиристат; Cetearyl alcohol – Цетеариловый спирт; Sodium lactate – Лактат натрия; Dimethicone – Диметикон; Cetyl alcohol – Цетиловый спирт; Glyceryl stearate – Глицерил стеарат; PEG-100 stearate – ПЭГ-100 стеарат; Polysorbate 60 – Полисорбат 60; Butyrospermum parkii (Shea butter) – Масло Ши; Phenoxyethanol – Феноксиэтанол; Methylparaben – Метилпарабен; Ceteareth-20; Magnesium aluminum silicate – Магния алюминия силикат; Ethylparaben – Ethylparaben; Cocos nucifera (Coconut) oil – Кокосовое масло; Disodium EDTA – Динатрия ЭДТА; Fragrance – Аромат; Honey – Мед; Mentha piperita (Peppermint) oil – Масло мяты; Propylene glycol – Пропиленгликоль; Ubiquinone – Убихинон; Lactic acid – Молочная кислота; Aloe barbadensis leaf juice – Сок Алое Вера; Maltodextrin – Мальтодекстрин; Sorbitol – Сорбит; Calendula officinalis flower extract – Экстракт цветков календулы лекарственной; Camellia sinensis leaf extract – Экстракт листьев камелии китайской; Butylparaben – Бутилпарабен; Propylparaben – Пропилпарабен; Isobutylparaben – Isobutylparaben.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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