• Rejuvenating Serum for the face Voodoo Syn-Ake - TV001685

Rejuvenating Serum for the face Voodoo Syn-Ake - TV001685

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650.00 THB
Technology Syn-Ake received in 2015 a number of awards, including at - «Swiss Technology Award». To date, the best-selling Voodoo cream cosmetics premium among the local population. The incredible popularity due to the strong performance tools to combat age-related changes. Cosmetics Voodoo steadily gaining US and European markets, occupying the leading position in the sales rankings. With that, their price starts at $ 300.
Voodoo Premium Booster White Syn-Ake is - serum, which simulates the structure of the composition of snake venom and its effects on the skin. The underlying technology that enables to reduce the burden on small facial muscles. Unlike Botox, Syn-Ake is not required to enter under the skin, as the nano technology allows to transport all necessary materials directly after application to the skin means. Soaking cream relaxes the facial muscles, preventing involuntary contraction, and hence - the formation of wrinkles. The effect of the cream is noticeable after the first week of regular use:
- Reduction in the number of facial wrinkles in the first week of applying the cream;
- Increases the strength and elasticity of the skin due to exposure of the peptides in the composition means;
- Slowing down the aging process of cells;
- Moisture retention in the skin;
- Evens the complexion and makes the skin surface smooth and silky;
- Reduction in the intensity of pigment spots;
- Disappearance of the redness and acne;
- Narrowing the pores.
The cream includes Himalayan Salt, known for its ability to remove from the skin cells of toxins and wastes, as well as chamomile and Alou faith, soothing after a long day. The E Vitamin, collagen and natural oils to nourish the skin, restoring its shine and elasticity. Hyaluronic acid helps to regulate the hydro-lipid balance of the skin, allowing it to maintain an optimal level of moisture.
In order to prevent the acquisition of all of these counterfeit money Voodoo have a personal identification number.
30 ml.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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