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Snail set for skin care Pibamy: eye mask (6 m. X 6 pairs) + Serum for Eyes (30 ml.) (Snail eye serum)

Manufacturer: Pibamy
Product code: 4244-01
Vendor code: TV001431
Availability: Are available
Price: 6.08USD 5.76USD
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Set for care of the face with the filtrate snail mucus.
According to its physical composition of mucus is completely equivalent to the structure of human skin, so it is ideally combined, and is one of the most effective caring, therapeutic and prophylactic agents. This serum combines unique natural components. The most rare natural component in the composition is considered to be snail slime, which was widely known in the Middle East as a strong aphrodisiac and anti-aging of the concentrate, which provides an instant lifting effect and renewable cell regeneration.
Serum with slime snail provides an incredibly effective and gentle skin care.
This unique serum contains in its composition valuable vegetable oils and most valuable natural slime snails. The remarkable effect that occurs from the use of snail mucus, due to the fact that it contains allatoin - component helps to restore collagen and elastin fibers, and is a potent antioxidant. After applying slime snails existing wrinkles are smoothed, it turns bright lifting effect. Using it is updated cell regeneration, skin aging prevention, her nutrition and hydration, improved elasticity and turgor.
The content in the composition of the secretory mucus snail serum causes an increase in skin elasticity, wrinkles and optimal protection of the skin from drying. In addition, there is a deep restoration and revitalization of the skin, as well as a marked reduction in wrinkle depth.
The components that comprise the serum penetrate into the deepest layers, blocking the free radicals therein, causing, thus, cell renewal, "start" collagen synthesis, increasing local immunity and protect natural alignment. Using serum improves skin tone and removes its flabbiness.
Application snail masks for the skin around the eyes:
Gently get collagen slices from the pack and put on the lower eyelid. The mask does not slip and falls, so you can continue daily activities, if necessary. After 20-30 minutes, carefully remove the collagen eye mask.
The use of snail serum:
On clean skin apply a sufficient layer of the mask, avoiding the eye area, and leave it until the morning - instead of a night cream. Snail serum in the morning will significantly improve the appearance and condition of the skin.
Composition of the product Water; Carbomer; Castivea sativa leaf extract; Coceth-10; Snail secretion filtrate; Gelatine; Hyaluronic acid; Hydrolyzed collagen; Vitamin A; Vitamin E; Fragrance.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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