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Anti-aging face cream snail Mistine (Snail Expert Anti-Aging Facial Cream) (40 gr.)

Manufacturer: Mistine
Product code: 4234-01
Vendor code: TV001422
Availability: Are available
Price: 10.27USD
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High-quality anti-aging Thai gentle cream containing snail extract filtrate South Korea, as well as collagen and vitamin complex to see the Thai cosmetics manufacturer of premium Thai company Mistine.
Creams and serums based on snail slime extract is very popular among Asian manufacturers of cosmetics as snail extract has super anti-aging and regenerative properties.
Cream with extract of snail Snail Expert designed by the innovative formula of natural ingredients, and does contain a real 100% extract of snail slime.
Snail cream Mistine beautifully rejuvenates the skin, smoothes fine wrinkles, tightens and firms the skin, accelerates the process of renovation and regeneration of cells.
It is recommended to use a cream with extract of snail Mistine daily, morning and evening.
Composition of the product Water – Вода; Cyclopentasiloxane; Dimethicone – Диметикон; Glycerin – Глицерин; C 14-22 alcohols – Спирты; Dipropylene glycol – Дипропилен гликоль; Propylheptyl caprylate; Trilaureth-4 phosphate; Steareth-20; Cetearyl alcohol – Цетеариловый спирт; Niacinamide – Ниацинамид; Polysilicone-11 – Полисиликон-11; Steareth-2; Phenoxyethanol – Феноксиэтанол; C 12-20 alkyl glucoside – Алкил глюкозид; Polyacrylamide – Полиакриламид; Ammonium acryloyldimethyltaurate / Vp copolymer – Сополимер; Cetyl alcohol – Цетиловый спирт; Methylparaben – Метилпарабен; C 13-14 isoparaffin – Изопарафин; Ethylparaben – Этилпарабен; Sodium hyaluronate – Гиалуронат натрия; Soluble collagen – Растворимый коллаген; Disodium EDTA – Динатрия ЭДТА; Laureth-7 – Лаурет-7; Butylene glycol – Бутилен гликоль; Snail secretion filtrate – Фильтрат секреции улитки; Fragrance – Аромат; Hydrolyzed elastin – Гидролизованный эластин; Chlorphenesin – Хлорфенезин; Citric acid – Лимонная кислота; Sodium benzoate – Бензоат натрия; Methylisothiazolinone – Метилизотиазолинон.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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