• Snail Care Facial Toner Belov HAN JIA NE - TV001716

Snail Care Facial Toner Belov HAN JIA NE - TV001716

  • Brand: Belov
  • Product Code: 4531-01
  • Vendor code: TV001716
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230.00 THB
Facial toner with high snail mucin for deep nutrition and hydration of the skin and décolleté by certified Chinese manufacturer of cosmetics company Belov.
Snail tonic - it is a unique tool that is suitable for all skin age, which intensely moisturizes and restores the skin and slows the aging process, improves the complexion.
Snail tonic smoothes fine lines, accelerates the regeneration of the skin, preventing the appearance of age-related changes. Ideal for anti-aging care, as well as for problem skin.
The structure of tonic for the face include snail extract (mucin), nanoarbutin for smooth skin tones and vitamin complex. Mucin snail rich in collagen, elastin, the enzyme protease, allantoin and vitamin groups A, C, E and B, effectively helps maintain youthful skin and protects it from damage and irritation, improves skin tone and texture.
Snail tonic has a delicate, slightly viscous due to the high content of mucin snails texture and a subtle, pleasant fragrance after use emulsion skin becomes velvety soft and pleasant to the touch.
To use: Apply a few drops of tonic on clean skin once or twice a day with gentle massaging movements.
120 ml.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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