• Scrub facial cleanser Pond's - TV001694

Scrub facial cleanser Pond's - TV001694

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Great facial scrub Pond's White Beauty Tan Removal Scrub is an excellent tool for cleaning and skin care. Delicate natural scrub structure effectively and gently removes dead skin cells, promotes deep cleansing and narrow pores, it helps get rid of acne and blackheads on your face. It normalizes the sebaceous glands, eliminates shine, mattes the skin. It brightens and evens skin tone, actively fights against pigmentation. Promotes conservation of the water balance of the skin, slows the aging process. It has a pleasant, easy cosmetic fragrance. Ideal for sensitive and problem skin.
An excellent choice for those who prefer a light peeling usual washing! As part of the scrub contains tiny particles of massage that help deep cleanse the skin without injuring it, remove dead skin cells, oil and dirt, improve the supply of nutrients to the epidermis, as well as improve the efficiency of the next stage of care. The product is very economical, does not cause tightness, dryness and discomfort, helps to cope with acne, inflammation and pigmentation spots, making the face noticeably brighter and smooth, suitable for even sensitive skin.
Innovative Tan Removal particles have been developed specifically for Asian women, who consider light skin symbol of beauty and gentility. The formula helps to eliminate the effects of sun exposure, sun spots, freckles, pigmentation, redness without harm to health, without disturbing the metabolic processes in cells.
Just a few minutes spent in the pleasant process of using a scrub, and the skin looks perfect, pleasing beauty and health every day!
Properties scrub Pond's White Beauty:
- Effectively and gently removes dead skin cells, promotes deep cleansing and narrowing of pores;
- Brightens and evens skin tone, helps to eliminate pigmentation and freckles;
- It normalizes the sebaceous glands, removes excess sebum, eliminates shine and mattes the skin;
- Prevents the appearance of acne and acne;
- Promotes healing of inflammatory processes in the skin, actively fights acne, making stains healed acne less noticeable;
- Soothes the skin, removes redness and irritation;
- Prevents the development of allergic reactions;
- Tightens and smoothes the surface of the skin, smoothes keloids;
- Makes the skin bright, smooth and healthy.
Application: Apply scrub on clean face, avoiding the eyes and lips. Use your fingertips to gently massage the skin for 2-3 minutes. Then rinse with water.
50 gr.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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