• Anti-aging cream with snake venom and crocodile oil Jia Tu - TV001668

Anti-aging cream with snake venom and crocodile oil Jia Tu - TV001668

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The composition of the face cream Jia Tu Miracle Cream includes the following components:
Special patented component" Syn-Ake " based on snake venom (replaces Botox injections);
The juice from the stalks of aloe Vera;
Bee honey;
Brewer's yeast;
Crocodile oil;
Wood resin " dragon Blood»;
Comfrey medicinal;
Other components (more than 30 different components in total).
Japanese scientists have found that crocodile oil can miraculously rejuvenate the skin, remove wrinkles and tighten the face oval.
A special patented component "Syn-Ake" based on snake venom is a part of expensive cosmetics and has the same effect as Botox injections!
Application: first you need to clean the face of dirt, grease and makeup residues. Then apply the cream to the face. Lightly Pat using your fingertips, spread the cream on the face. In just a few seconds, the cream will start to absorb into the skin and to exert its anti-aging effect.
This cream has a quality certificate and approved by the" Office for quality control of food and cosmetics Thailand " (FDA).
Certificate of compliance: 10-1-5972794.
50 gr.
Packing Quantity (pcs) 1

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