• Snail set for face Nature Republic - TV001174

Snail set for face Nature Republic - TV001174

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Internet-shop "Thai Voyage" offers to buy snail set of skin care:
1. Rejuvenating Serum slime snails, collagen and elastin gives your skin everything necessary for youth and health. Eliminates inflammation, smoothes irregularities and roughness on the face, improves the color and texture of the skin, tightens pores. also recommended for oily skin and after operations for sucking scars.
High content of collagen and elastin give skin a second wind, the strength and elasticity. Serum has a strong anti-aging properties and remarkably reduces wrinkles. Use morning.
2. Nutrient Moisturizing snail cream.
Delicate snail cream will give a lot of pleasant sensations to the skin.
To protect yourself and your home, snails secrete liquid secret. With its help, and they reduced the shell in case of damage.
In a cream mucus also it works, restoring and protecting the human skin.
The snail mucus found many useful substances - is collagen, glycolic acid, elastin, allantoin, protease enzyme, chitosan, vitamins B6, E, A, C, and B12. All of these, as the air needed for the skin, especially with age.
With all the properties of snail slime cream slows down aging, nourishes, moisturizes and smoothes the skin.
In addition, that the cream fights wrinkles from within, filling the voids and fractures of the skin, it is also visually reduces wrinkles.
Copes with problematic skin, reduces inflammation, improves the complexion.
Can be used morning and night for all skin types.
3. snail facial wash.
Regenerating facial wash with filtrate snail slime, collagen and elastin it is designed for gentle cleansing even the driest skin. Use twice a day - morning and evening.
serum (25 ml.), cream (15 ml.), foam for washing (15 ml.)
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