• Face mask of gold powder with 24-carat gold-active - TV000742

Face mask of gold powder with 24-carat gold-active - TV000742

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Golden Mask 24 Carat - this is one of the most famous to date in Thailand, masks with a spectacular lifting effect! It is containing biologically active gold. Mask improves blood circulation, normalizes water-lipid balance of the skin, accelerates cell renewal, increases the elasticity of the skin, has anti-inflammatory, regenerating and smoothing effect, refreshes, tones, nourishes and effectively removes traces of inflammation and pigmentation spots, evens the skin, leaving it smooth, " china ".
Mask promotes natural cell regeneration, removes age pigmentation. After the first application can effect the skin tightened. With constant use of facial skin becomes smooth and noticeably tightened.
Amazingly powerful tool! In Thailand, used in very expensive beauty salons, recommended by dermatologists as a therapeutic anti-aging agent. The mask is especially helpful for tired, mature and aging skin.
Application: dissolve a teaspoon of mask in water or milk (for dry skin is better to breed with milk), mush put on clean face and neck. After 20-30 minutes, wash off with water mask. Use 2-3 times a week.
50 gr.
Composition of the product 24K Gold powder; Collagen; Arbutin; Glycerin; Mineral oil; Ascorbyl palmitate; Sodium chloride; Magnesium silicate; Fragrance; Hexylene glycol.
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